Steel columns

It is a horizontal longitudinal construction that assumes a supportive function. Columns have at least two supporting points and are used in construction of buildings.

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Steel columns at factory prices

Steel columns are construction elements of a building. They are used for supporting beams, inter-floor covering and vaults of the building being constructed.

Steel columns do not always assume a supportive function, and have recently been used even as part of design. You will like our prices for steel columns.

Advantages of steel columns:

  • easy and convenient to install;
  • they make a durable steel frame;
  • able to ensure power load;
  • high strength characteristics./li>

Steel columns

Due to such important and valuable advantages for construction, steel columns are getting more and more demanded and widely used in construction of projects of various purpose and complexity.

‘AST Goup’ offers steel columns at favourable prices.

Classification of steel columns

By cross-section type By design shape By response
  • solid;
  • passing.
  • uniform cross-section;
  • variable cross-section;
  • stepped cross-section.
  • axially loaded;
  • eccentrically loaded.

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